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About us

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Sebastian Zielinski
Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian, co-founder of AppsBow. Passionate programmer and 3D artist with design skills. He is in love with building and creating things. He focuses on providing the right technology for customer needs, within years he got familiar with industrial market across thousand of hours spent on industrial facilities. 

Magdalena Domanska
Chief Operating Officer

Magdalena is co-founder of AppsBow. By profession she is psychologist and sociologist. She achieved a great skills in managing team which help us reach our goals, especially with big clients and negotiations. She work on both sides to make win/win situation, for our clients and for AppsBow. She is responsible for designing and implementing business operations, establishing company’s policy and culture.  

Paweł Lubecki
Chief Financial Officer

Pawel Lubecki brings over 20 years of experience in investment banking and shareholder’s value enhancement. As corporate finance adviser he worked for ING and HSBC on public and private equity transactions and fundraisings for Polish and international corporations and Private Equity funds. Pawel has degree in finance from Sup de Co Clermont, PhD in economics from University of Economics in Krakow and has recently completed Oxford Fintech Programme. At Appsbow he focuses on finance, investor relations and corporate affairs. 

AppsBow was founded on 24th May 2012 on the initiative of Magdalena Domanska and Sebastian Zielinski. In the beginning, the company designed IT systems and at the same time working on digital solutions for industrial companies. By the end of 2015, our clients included companies from the manufacturing, fuel and chemical industries.

We aim to design advanced training solutions for the manufacturing industry, leading to minimization of costs and improvement of risk management through a which is to decrease human error to the residual value. We constantly carry out R&D activities to expand the range of our services in the manufacturing industry. 

From 2014 we are concentrating our efforts on Virtual Training Environment. Since the beginning of its development, we reached out to local and international companies from all over the world and have spent thousands of hours on industrial plants in order to deepen our understanding of our client’s needs. Owing to this we have built know-how to offer cost-efficient and high-quality training.

We are waiting to talk to you and we will be happy to demonstrate our solution.