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00-844 Warszawa

Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (UTC/GMT +1 h)

NIP/TAX number: PL 713 308 58 90
KRS: 0000488167
Regon: 061625014

AppsBow / Luxembourg

Philippe Hardt
Chief Marketing Officer
t: +971 509 027 322
Time Zone UTC/GMT +1 h

AppsBow / Dubai

Anna Poniatowska
Project Manager
t: +971 509 027 322
Time Zone UTC/GMT +4 h

AppsBow / France

Aneta Chevalier
Client Service Manager
t: +971 509 027 322
Time Zone UTC/GMT +1 h

News from us


There have been small changes in AppsBow. Above all, we rebranded our logo which is already visible on our website and  has its premiere today. We are very proud of that. The most important information we would like to share is that we have a new(...)

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On 30th March we participated in DemoDay culminating our cooperation within the Space3ac accelerator in which we have been participating since December 2017. We would like to thank the whole team of Space3ac and all companies participating in the program(...)

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Space3ac Acceleration


We are very proud to announce that we were qualified to the Space3ac acceleration program. Thanks to this we are now starting a cooperation with the Lotos Group (one of the biggest oil companies in Poland) to create a Virtual Training Environment system(...)

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Space3ac Preparation Camp 2017


We are proud to announce that our idea qualified for the second edition of the Preparation Camp program. Which can lead us to acceleration program in near future.

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Impact 2017


Impact is an international event dedicated to the economy of the future and innovations connected with industry 4.0. During the event, the PZU Lab team presented, among others, our simulator of emergency situations (RFS). PZU Lab was involved in the promotion(...)

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Risk Project 2017


The identification of dangers and professional risk assessment in the manufacturing company was the main theme of the debate during the RISK 2017 conference. During the conference, PZU Lab presented our proprietary training solution - (...)

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