AppsBow Sp. z o. o.

ul. Grzybowska 87
00-844 Warszawa

Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (UTC/GMT +1 h)

NIP/TAX number: PL 713 308 58 90
KRS: 0000488167
Regon: 061625014

3D Visualisations

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Better than reality

We create 3D models on the basis of the actual objects or we remodel the 3D scans. We also prepare renderings for the presentation of marketing purposes.

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Technically speaking

On the basis of the measurement or 3D scans we recreate the models in 3D environment in the form of CAD or polymodels. We recreate objects of all sizes including microsystems, buildings and huge industrial installations.

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Thanks to properly prepared 3D files we can create product presentations and promotional animations. We make high definition renderings for promotional purposes with a quality impossible to achieve by digital or traditional photography.

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