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Interactive Manual

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Go digital with your manual

Operations and procedures included on many sheets of paper may be substituted by a completely interactive digital manual which shows in an easy way, step by step, each detail of the operation, issues connected with the service or even the construction/assembling of a device/an object.

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Smooth and interactive, step by step

Interactive manuals allow you to present the smallest details of each device/object in a clear and explicit way through a 3D environment. The user may smoothly look through each procedure connected with a device as well as perform all procedures/activities on their own in the virtual world. As a result, they will understand the operating rules of a device/an object in a fast and easy way.

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It works on almost any device

Our interactive manual may be viewed and interacted with on any device including a desktop computer, a laptop with MacOS, Windows or Linux system as well as a tablet or a smartphone with OSX, Android or Windows software.

Our interactive manuals can be distributed either as a downloadable or web-based application.

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