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Virtual Training Environment System

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What is VTE?

Virtual Training Environment System (former name: Risk Free Simulator) is a fully interactive 3D environment that allows you to train your current and new employees for comprehensive processes and procedures even before they go to work in the industrial facility. We make training cheaper, a lot faster and much easier to assimilate. VTE is available as a generic and custom solution.

You can train from 1 to 128 employees at the same time in the same room without any special devices using just standard computers... totally risk free, without additional costs.

VTE is a cost-efficient solution to:

Long-lasting and expensive training of the new employees

From our experience we know that training the new employees can take from three months to two years.

High employee turnover and lack of skilled candidates

This problem applies to every industry, especially when we talk about highly qualified specialists.

Hazard resulting from unqualified staff

Statistics say that 70 to 90% of accidents are caused by to human error. Most of these are a result of insufficient training.

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Increasing safety & lowering costs

We increase the safety level of people working with industrial installations through unlimited access to training sessions for operators, especially new trainees who are being prepared to work with industrial installations and who are exposed to a higher safety threat.

Trainings within the VTE system in the environment close to the actual one (generic version) or identical with the actual one (custom-made version) offer a precise acquaintance with an installation, procedures and activities performed by each employee during everyday work.

Each employee has permanent access to the training sessions. The access is not time nor quality limited. It is also not dependent on availability of the experienced staff.

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Custom solution

Custom made sections for highly individual type of industrial facilities.

We are recreating 1:1 industrial structure in 3D world basing on CAD plans and/or 3D scanning. Next we are applying scenarios basing on a manual provided by a company and/or on-site verification, walking through procedures.

Generic solution

We have generic sections for gas/oil facilities which can be applied for any gas/oil company in the world.

Thanks to that, it is easily maintainable training system which allows us to provide quickly and cost effectively a virtual training environment for any gas/oil company around the world. The same applies to almost all energy and some chemical facilities.

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3 steps learning system with progress tracking

The VTE system was created in accordance with Confucius’ principle: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand”. According to this principle, learning process should be into three stages:

• Study the training
• Perform with hints
• Perform without hints

By adopting this three-stage learning process, the VTE system is a great addition to the operating manual of an installation or may even completely substitute conventional training ressources and processes. All activities performed by trainees are recorded and available from the external system for progress assessment. The VTA system gives insight on how much time a trainee spent on trainings, how many times he took a course, how many mistakes he made or how many times he completed tasks successfully.

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Cooperative multi-person training

The VTE system gives the opportunity to train up to 128 people simultaneously. In case the number of trainees is insufficient to complete multi-person tasks scenario, an artificial intelligence system can may take over the activities of these entities to finish the training.

Trainees may be in the same room or in different places in the world.

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Training in emergency situations

The Virtual Training Environment gives the opportunity to stage emergency events impossible to simulate in the actual environment and it allows trainees to practice these events meticulously. Additionally, apart from the trainings for operators and controllers, we offer trainings for many different entities including emergency services (firefighters, medical emergency services, hazard services,...).

The access to trainings in emergency situations enables practicing of dangerous scenarios. It directly leads to making fast and good decisions in the event of an emergency. Employees will be constantly prepared to quickly and correctly respond to emergency situations.

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High fidelity mapping of the object as a 3D map

We provide precise reflection and measurement of the terrain and objects (inside and outside) as well as the invisible infrastructure. Objects are scanned by drones and ground equipment with the accuracy demanded by our client.

We remodel the point clouds created from 3D scans in a CAD program and implement them as 3D models in the VTE system.

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Mapping of process systems

We reflect the DCS process systems for the purpose of training for controllers who may take common trainings with the operators.

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Virtual reality (VR) and additional controllers

The VTE system requires a basic PC equipped with standart pointing devices such as a mouse and a keyboard. However, the system is capable of supporting advanced display devices, such as VR headsets (Oculus, HTC Vive, StarVR) or controllers, such as a control pad, Oculus Touch, Leap Motion, etc. to reinforce the immersion.

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