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vReact Digital Twins

What is digital twin​?

Digital twin (DT) is a real-time virtual representation of real-life objects presented in 3D. DT can relate to a psychical and mathematical model or process.

What can be represented in the virtual world? In practice, there are no limitations as to the type
or size of an object to be reflected in the virtual world. These include single tools, machines, cars,
ships, planes, spacecraft, buildings, or whole cities or complex industrial sites.

Industrial plants are often facilities that cover an area of many hectares, consisting of thousands or hundreds of thousands of elements. Some objects may also be more than 100 meters high. The ultimate goal is to recreate them as digital twins similar to the real object so that people interacting with them can hardly notice a difference.

Purpose of digital twins for industry​

Due to different methods of creating digital twins, we can have different adaptations and possible use.

Digital Twin types:

  • Laser scan point of clouds.
    Acquiring is highly related to environmental conditions. Scans can be very accurate (<0,0001 mm) depending on the device. Allow controlling the density of details. Unfortunately, the high-fidelity of complicated structures models is usually very heavy and requires high-end workstations to be operational. Low density usually is not accurate enough to be used for most purposes.
  • Photogemotry model.
    Usually as a general representation of object and facility. Useless for most purposes.
  • CAD mesh.
    Limited by options and functions of CAD software. Usually do not represents fully real-life objects, especially in the case of whole industrial plants/facilities.
  • Poly mesh:
    • Rough.
      Rough meshes are usually converted directly from CAD models or points of clouds from laser scans. Very demanding of computing power and hard to implement any interactive functions.
    • Optimized.
      Optimized models are the best solution for digital twins. Do not require high-end workstations and can be easily used on med-level or even low-level PCs and other devices. The optimized model is basing on reference material like the point of clouds or CAD plans but they are remodeled with techniques well know from the game industry. Optimized models can be accurate as high-fidelity laser scans and it’s possible to use them in any know application.

Digital Twins comparison

Point clouds from laser scanning​

Size of file: 

  • ~30 GB.

Unequal accuracy due to two holes in point clouds. 

Rough poly-mesh 3D model

Size of file:

  • 5 GB – low accuracy – unusable.
  • 20 GB – sufficient accuracy. 
Unequal accuracy due to two holes in point clouds. 
Optimised poly-mesh model

Size of file:

  • 400 MB with textures/colors.

Fully functional and interactive. High accuracy of details.  Holes in point clouds fixed manually with photo/video references. 

The best digital twin type​

Due to low-performance requirements, high-end-quality, and preserved details the best option for digital twin is an optimized poly-mesh model. That kind of model has a wide spectrum of use:

  • Daily personnel training.
  • Emergency training.
  • Development and services planning.
  • General and process logistics. 
  • Fire department emergency planning.
  • General touring on the industrial facility.
AppsBow-vReact-digital-twin-grey AppsBow-vReact-digital-twin-color

Creation of digital twins ​

Depend on the requirements we are providing the following services:

  • Industrial laser scanning to the cloud of points using Faro 360 Scanner.
  • Reversed engineering to CAD-like files. 
  • Creating optimized digital twins for all kinds of purposes.
vReact Digital Twin of UAN

Proven experience with digital twins​

In AppsBow over the years and with dozens of fully recreated industrial plants with hundreds of machinery and pieces of equipment, also digital twins of complex industrial machines we gained knowledge of the proper preparation of real-life objects into a virtual environment for process and/or model presentation.

Our digital twins are not only highly useful thanks to optimization which allows us to use them on even low-end computer stations but also able to implement any kind of interactive functions which are necessary to use in the training process.

Due to acquired skills in game development, our team can provide an almost photorealistic digital representation of any kind of industrial object and facility.

If you wish to know more about our technique and see the presentation do not hesitate and contact us.

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