Risk Project 2016

On May 10-11, 2016 in Warsaw the RISK project 2016 conference “Innovative solutions for risk management in the industry” was held.

The conference was attended by representatives of the world of science, state institutions, and companies, as well as industry representatives of the security, fire, certification, financial, insurance and legal firms. The deliberations conducted in such a group made it possible to identify various risks to be considered in industrial activity and discuss from many perspectives innovative methods (technologies, IT systems, practices, concepts) supporting the risk management process in the industry.

AppsBow’s CEO Sebastian Zielinski together with Bartosz Koletka from PROZAP (Grupa Azoty Pulawy’s engineering company) presented the virtual reality (VR) training solution named vReact, for the industrial market, especially chemical plants. Thanks to cooperation between AppsBow and PROZAP we were able to present ready VR training for one of the Agrochem chemical facilities and present the benefits of using the modern way of training for field operators. During the lecture, we presented examples that greatly impact (for the better) the time and the cost of training as well as lowering the risk of emergency events and downtime. Everything thanks to using VR training.

Our vReact solution was widely tested by participants of the RISK project event at our booth. We faced very positive feedback about our VR training from our audience.