The competencies pyramid PZU Lab – Grupa Lotos

During the meeting prepared by the PZU Lab for Grupa Lotos, we were asked to present our vReact solution for emergency situations and daily procedures.

AppsBow’s CEO Sebastian Zielinski presented and discussed the benefits of the application of virtual training in the industry and the influence on industrial plant safety improvement through minimizing the human error factor by using modern, risk-free, and fully interactive virtual reality (VR).

Our vReact solution is aiming at the industrial sector, especially for very demanding environments, where complex solutions are required. We are recreating the whole industrial environment, machinery, or equipment with 1:1 accuracy with photorealistic quality and implement fully interactive scenarios into three-dimensional training. With our VR training we help train field operators better, faster, and with lasting effect, without risk, which directly translates into improving the quality of work in the field.

vReact can be used with VR goggles or without them on a standard computer just by using a mouse/keyboard and pc monitor or TV. Thanks to this we want to facilitate the implementation of our VR traning.

Our presentation was also very well received by scientific research institutions that had been working on such solutions for years. Especially professor Kazimierz T. Kosmowski (Gdańsk University of Technology), the author of widely acclaimed research connected with safety in the industry, spoke very positively about our work, for which we are very grateful.