Risk 2017 Innovation Technology

On May 17, 2017, in Warsaw, the Scientific and Technical Conference “RISK I2017” Innovation Technology, important for the industrial market in Poland, took place. “Direction: Industry – Man – Environment”, during which many bothering issues related to hazard identification and risk assessment in the industry were raised. Among others, issues related to proces safety, from an early stage of investment proposition to its implementation, and the issues of innovative solutions in this area.

The identification of dangers and professional risk assessments in the manufacturing company was the main theme of the debate of the RISK 2017 conference.

During the conference, PZU Lab presented our proprietary virtual reality (VR) training solution – a vReact solution for the industrial market. PZU Lab specializes in activities connected with safety improvement in the companies, recognized our solution as a perfect tool for safety improvement in the industry which was underlined in the presentation and presented materials.

vReact is a system designed to train people for work on industrial plants or with industrial equipment or machinery. In vReact we recreate 1:1 all objects or/and industrial facilities and implement them fully in 3D on which interactive training scenarios of daily procedures or emergency events (vReact Emergency) are based, especially those that are impossible to recreate on real objects.