vReact Demo Release 1.0

vReact Demo

We have great news. We have prepared a demo of our vReact that allows you to check out how virtual reality (VR) can work for you in the context of your company.

Our demo allows you to test four scenarios on two different industrial plants. We included four complete scenarios in vReact Demo 1.0. Also, you are not obligated to use VR helmet for training. You can operate the application with a mouse, keyboard, and TV/monitor. Using VR goggles like Oculus Rift/Quest is optional but possible.

To use vReact software you need only a mid-level PC with Windows 10 onboard and access to the Internet. The exact specification can be found in the vReact Demo request form.

We believe that in our demo we managed to include everything that is needed to help you get a better understanding of how vReact software can assist you with managing trainings and ultimately improve your business.

Scenarios included in the demo:

Refinery plant (one section)

  • Check pump manometer condition.
  • Check liquid level indicator condition.

Liquid fertilizer storage and handling plant

  • Stopping uncontrolled leakage.
  • Loading procedure of a tanker truck. 
If you wish to see more than is currently included in our demo feel free to schedule a meeting with us (online/offline) for a full presentation with a wider range of industrial plants, machinery, or equipment.