Laser scanning of industrial facilities and machines

Recently we have been able to test our new scanning equipment. Thanks to Faro Technologies we were able to see in action the Faro Focus S350 – laser scanner.

We have chosen FARO Focus Laser Scanners due to the high accuracy of the scans and the possibility to work in almost any environment thanks to the protection from dirt, dust, fog, rain, and heat/cold.

Capturing the measurements of large objects or industrial plants as well as very complex small objects or equipment can be created as accurate, complete, and photorealistic 3D images of any environment or object in just a few minutes.

Laser scanning will help us to shorten the time needed to recreate the industrial facilities and individual machines in a 3D environment for further use in our training system – vReact, 3D | VR training for field operators.

Worth mentioning is that in our vReact – VR training solution we do not use scans directly. The cloud of points provided by the scanner is used by us as a reference to build a highly optimized 3D model of industrial plants, machinery or equipment. Optimizations let us provide a solution that can run on most of the current-gen computers. Thanks to that our business partners are not forced to buy expensive work stations to run our vReact software.