VR training pilot accomplished in Grupa Azoty PULAWY

On 16th of July 2021 in Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, during a press conference, the result VR training pilot project was officially presented. The success was acclaimed by the President of the Board Tomasz Hryniewicz.

The pilot project included preparation of one-to-one digital twins of two major plants: 15,000 metric tonne liquid ammonia storage (with compressor house, refrigerating unit and loading/unloading facilities) and an ammonia synthesis plant.

For each plant several training scenarios were programmed, related to reaction in emergency situations for both new and experienced personnel.

The simulation enables training various procedures in a completely safe way to eliminate events, which in the real world could jeopardize the safety of the personnel, says Grupa Azoty PULAWY’s President.

The project is to be continued and extended to include other plants of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY and a multitude of training scenarios.