Space3ac Demo Day

On 30th March 2018, we participated in DemoDay culminating our cooperation within the Space3ac accelerator in which we have been participating since December 2017.

Under the accelerating programme, we were working with Grupa Lotos (one of the most modern and biggest refineries in Eastern Europe) to build a virtual reality (VR) training solution with numerous training scenarios for a selected section of the refinery. Besides that, we provided our vReact Oversee (former name: VTE ADM) system to track down all kinds of statistics of completed training.

Thanks to vReact Oversee, Grupa Lotos can observe the learning curve of their employees, check how many mistakes they make, how many trainings they accomplished, etc. The system provides precise information about each employee (new and current) and their preparation for further work.

During Space3ac Demo Day we were able to show the results of our cooperation with Grupa Lotos on our booth. From now on the vReact system made by AppsBow will be used in Grupa Lotos.

Space3ac, the whole crew, your support in the whole process and the opportunity you guys gave us are extra-ordinary and change us for the better. Thank you for that, we will remember it forever.

We would also like to thank all companies participating in the programme for knowledge shared with us and for the amazing time spent together.

It was a pure pleasure! Thank you!

If you want to know more about Space3ac, click [here].

Space3ac Acceleration

We are very proud to announce that we were qualified for the Space3ac acceleration program. Thanks to this we are now starting a cooperation with the Lotos Group (one of the biggest oil companies in Poland) to create a vReact system for them.

AppsBow together with Grupa Lotos will examine the current process of preparing employees to work on refinery and what problems our technology recipient is facing. We are focusing on all aspects of the training in such a complicated and high-risk industrial environment.

As virtual reality (VR) is slowly being adopted in other markets, still on the very demanding industrial ground this is an innovation. We know perfectly well that our client must be very careful about implementing a new solution because of many reasons like environmental, safety risk, and business aspects.

In the process of the first implementation of the vReact for Grupa Lotos, we are aiming to deliver added values by using VR training like:

  • Shortening the training time and costs.
  • Better-trained employees.
  • Less emergency events during work and increased safety.
  • Lower employee turnover.

Thanks to our team, which is very familiar with industrial facilities and engineering processes we want to we can go deep into all-important matters during our work with Grupa Lotos. We also want to minimalize time contribution on the client’s side to a necessary minimum.

Space3ac Preparation Camp 2017

We are proud to announce that our idea qualified for the Space3ac acceleration program which can lead us to the acceleration program in the near future. Our application vReact (former name: Virtual Training Environment) – was chosen together by Space3ac and Grupa Lotos.

During our keynote on Preparation Camp, we were showing the possibilities of using virtual reality (VR) on current industrial plants that were made by AppsBow.

In acceleration, we will work directly with Grupa Lotos on the oil refinery to provide VR training that meets the expectation of a very demanding industrial environment.

During the Space3ac program, we will extend our vReact software for the possibility to implement refineries sections to make quick and effective training.

We want to thank Grupa Lotos and Space3ac for appreciating our work.

Congress Impact 2017

Impact 2017 Congress – one of the most important events devoted to industry 4.0 in Poland – took place in Krakow. The event gathers government representatives as well with representatives of the largest international companies, including over 800 directors and founders. Over 5,000 people participated in the event and over 250 speakers from around the world.

Thanks to our partnership with PZU (the biggest insurance company in Poland) during the event, the PZU Lab team presented our vReact – VR training system for the industrial market, especially for industrial plants, machinery, and equipment that work in a high-risk environment.

vReact system is a highly focused industrial training software that allows practicing daily procedures as well as emergency events (vReact Emergency) without any risk. Our vReact training can be used traditionally with a mouse/keyboard and monitor/tv or with VR goggles like Oculus Rift.

PZU Lab was involved in the promotion of a tool created by us as an innovation designed to improve safety in the industry.

Risk 2017 Innovation Technology

On May 17, 2017, in Warsaw, the Scientific and Technical Conference “RISK I2017” Innovation Technology, important for the industrial market in Poland, took place. “Direction: Industry – Man – Environment”, during which many bothering issues related to hazard identification and risk assessment in the industry were raised. Among others, issues related to proces safety, from an early stage of investment proposition to its implementation, and the issues of innovative solutions in this area.

The identification of dangers and professional risk assessments in the manufacturing company was the main theme of the debate of the RISK 2017 conference.

During the conference, PZU Lab presented our proprietary virtual reality (VR) training solution – a vReact solution for the industrial market. PZU Lab specializes in activities connected with safety improvement in the companies, recognized our solution as a perfect tool for safety improvement in the industry which was underlined in the presentation and presented materials.

vReact is a system designed to train people for work on industrial plants or with industrial equipment or machinery. In vReact we recreate 1:1 all objects or/and industrial facilities and implement them fully in 3D on which interactive training scenarios of daily procedures or emergency events (vReact Emergency) are based, especially those that are impossible to recreate on real objects.

The competencies pyramid PZU Lab – Grupa Lotos

During the meeting prepared by the PZU Lab for Grupa Lotos, we were asked to present our vReact solution for emergency situations and daily procedures.

AppsBow’s CEO Sebastian Zielinski presented and discussed the benefits of the application of virtual training in the industry and the influence on industrial plant safety improvement through minimizing the human error factor by using modern, risk-free, and fully interactive virtual reality (VR).

Our vReact solution is aiming at the industrial sector, especially for very demanding environments, where complex solutions are required. We are recreating the whole industrial environment, machinery, or equipment with 1:1 accuracy with photorealistic quality and implement fully interactive scenarios into three-dimensional training. With our VR training we help train field operators better, faster, and with lasting effect, without risk, which directly translates into improving the quality of work in the field.

vReact can be used with VR goggles or without them on a standard computer just by using a mouse/keyboard and pc monitor or TV. Thanks to this we want to facilitate the implementation of our VR traning.

Our presentation was also very well received by scientific research institutions that had been working on such solutions for years. Especially professor Kazimierz T. Kosmowski (Gdańsk University of Technology), the author of widely acclaimed research connected with safety in the industry, spoke very positively about our work, for which we are very grateful.

PZU Risk Engineering Days 2016

On October 13 and 14 2016 the Risk Engineering Days conference – an initiative of PZU – was held in Sopot. The event was focused on innovations in the Polish industry and risk and safety management.

Representatives of leading enterprises and industrial plants in Poland, the world of science, and state institutions met at the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot to talk about innovation and safety in the industry. The invited speakers presented the directions of activities related to the challenges and new threats that enterprises face today.

AppsBow’s CEO Sebastian Zieliński was one of the lecturers and talked about the innovation in safety for industrial plants. The presentation touched on the topic of increasing safety and other benefits by introducing virtual reality (VR) training into the industrial sector. The presentation was very well received which resulted in great interest in the AppsBow booth where each participant could test out our vReact solution and training scenarios.

vReact is software for training of field operators of industrial plants, machinery, or equipment. In a totally interactive, 3D world, recreated with 1:1 accuracy to original facility/objects allows industrial employees to train the daily procedures and emergency events (vReact Emergency). The vReact is aiming to give many benefits by increasing the safety of industrial plants and reducing the cost and availability of training.

Economic Forum 2016

On September 6-8 in Krynica-Zdrój the XXVI Economic Forum was held. During the event, over 3.5 thousand participants discussed the most current problems of the world economy as well as political and social issues.

Thanks to AppsBow’s partnership with PZU Lab, participants of the Economic Forum were able to experience our virtual reality (VR) training solution for the industrial market – vReact – 3D | VR training for field operators.

vReact system is a 3D | VR training solution for the industrial market. vReact provides a high-fidelity environment for clients that require risk-free training for field operators and other industrial workers.

Gazterm 2016

XIX edition of the Gazterm conference was held in Międzyzdroje. The theme of the meeting was safety in a broad sense, the power industry, and energy policy.

Due to our partnership with PZU Lab, the participants of Gazterm 2016 were able to get an insight into the benefits of using the vReact (3D | VR industrial training solution) – a virtual reality (VR) training system for the industrial market.

vReact is a fully interactive 3D environment that allows training for new and current field operators of industrial plants and other machinery – totally risk-free.

Risk Project 2016

On May 10-11, 2016 in Warsaw the RISK project 2016 conference “Innovative solutions for risk management in the industry” was held.

The conference was attended by representatives of the world of science, state institutions, and companies, as well as industry representatives of the security, fire, certification, financial, insurance and legal firms. The deliberations conducted in such a group made it possible to identify various risks to be considered in industrial activity and discuss from many perspectives innovative methods (technologies, IT systems, practices, concepts) supporting the risk management process in the industry.

AppsBow’s CEO Sebastian Zielinski together with Bartosz Koletka from PROZAP (Grupa Azoty Pulawy’s engineering company) presented the virtual reality (VR) training solution named vReact, for the industrial market, especially chemical plants. Thanks to cooperation between AppsBow and PROZAP we were able to present ready VR training for one of the Agrochem chemical facilities and present the benefits of using the modern way of training for field operators. During the lecture, we presented examples that greatly impact (for the better) the time and the cost of training as well as lowering the risk of emergency events and downtime. Everything thanks to using VR training.

Our vReact solution was widely tested by participants of the RISK project event at our booth. We faced very positive feedback about our VR training from our audience.