PZU Risk Engineering Days 2015

On 18 and 19 September 2015, over a hundred representatives of leading brands in Polish industry, science and state institutions interested in industrial safety gathered at the Sheraton in Sopot. PZU Risk Engineering Days summoned safety specialists and people who decide about investments in safety in companies.

Thanks to our cooperation with PROZAP on preparation of virtual reality training (Grupa Azoty Pulawy) we were asked to make a presentation of vReact – 3D | VR training solution during the PZU Risk Engineering Days 2015.

We were invited to give a keynote for a selected audience with the possibility to test out our vReact solution. The inner circle of the specialists connected with the safety of the industry participated in this presentation.

Our presentation contained information about added values of using 3D | VR training for field operators in industrial plants such as:

  • Steepening the curve of learning.
  • Reducing costs of training.
  • Increasing the safety of training and work.
  • Help with employees turnover.

Participants of the meeting were also able to test out our virtual reality system with our current training prepared on industrial plants.