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About Us

The idea

To bring innovation and establish them in the industrial market. We want to be a reliable and trustworthy partner not only for years but decades and more. Constantly in the progress of evolving of us and our products for the needs of our clients.

We are crossing our skills in engineering and the newest technologies knowledge to build solutions that meet the expectations of Industry 4.0.

We believe that virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence/machine learning is the future of industrial facilities to increase safety, efficiency, and help the business grow. Our mission is to introduce and develop innovative products for the industrial market, products that are suitable and reliable in a highly dangerous and demanding environment.

Our Approach

We want to assure our clients that we are a long-time business partner and our products are reliable, safe, and in constant development. To do that we have focused only on the industrial market.

Our values​

Our top two priorities are to “do not harm anyone” and to maintain a high business ethic between our customers and inside our company. For us, honesty and respect for others are the only way to be.

Only industrial market

We are focused only on the industrial market. Thanks to that we can assure our clients that they products are reliable, safe and in constant development.

Onsite experience

We spent thousands of hours on industrial facilities which gave us knowledge and experience to work fast and understand our clients on each level.

Designed for needs

We understand the comprehensive environment of the industrial market and how important is the quality of the products together with usability. Our solutions are carefully designed to fit perfectly into companies' workflows.

Proven trust

We know how important is trust and reliability on the industrial market. We can connect you with our current clients to learn about their experience with our products.


AppsBow was founded on 24th May 2012 on the initiative of Magdalena Domanska and Sebastian Zielinski. In the beginning, the company designed IT systems and at the same time working on digital solutions for industrial companies.

The main story and path of our company begun between years 2014-2015 when we started working on the proof of concept for virtual reality training together with one of the oldest and biggest industrial design companies in Poland, Prozap. The result of this process was successful and very well received by the market. We decided to focus on that direction since then. 

We aimed to design advanced training solutions for the manufacturing industry, leading to minimization of costs and improvement of risk management through a which is to decrease human error to the residual value. We constantly carry out R&D activities to expand the range of our services in the manufacturing industry. 

From 2015 we are concentrating our efforts on vReact – 3D | VR training application. Since the beginning of its development, we reached out to local and international companies from all over the world and have spent thousands of hours on industrial plants in order to deepen our understanding of our client’s needs. Owing to this we have built know-how to offer cost-efficient and high-quality solutions.