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Cooperation with Grupa Azoty under KPT acceleration

We are happy to announce that thanks to the KPT ScaleUp acceleration programme we managed to start a wider cooperation with Grupa Azoty – one of the leading players in the European fertilizer and chemical markets.

Within the framework of the programme, we will be providing VR Training for field operators for two types of chemical plants: Liquid Ammonia Storage Tank and Ammonia Synthesis Section. In our vReact system we will implement a number of daily procedures as well emergency events (vReact Emergency).

Implementing high-fidelity virtual reality training for such complex and demanding facilities will help lower the risk of possible production downtime. It will also help with faster and more effective training of both current and new field operators.

Currently, we started gathering reference materials for Ammonia Synthesis Section and Liquid Ammonia Storage facillities. Gathering necessary materials is the first step to recreate an industrial plant in the virtual environment and understand the exact need for training solutions. Within a few months, we will be able to present the results of our work.

We would like to thank Grupa Azoty and KPT for choosing AppsBow and recognizing us with vReact as the best VR solution provider for the highly advanced industrial market.


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