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Meet AL – virtual assistant

Meet AL – a virtual assistant for vReact industrial training in 3D | VR world. 

Dents and scratches on its body prove his hands-on experience with various plants. Now he is more than ready to help you with preparing your own crew to work in industrial plants and facilities. 

Meet our VR training assistant. With him, we are expanding our standard three training stages by an additional, fourth, assisted stage. Virtual assistant in our VR training software helps just before the exam stage.

Thanks to gathering big data and using machine learning to process the vast amount of information we will be able to automatically help each trainee on the fly during his training. 

Our virtual assistant starts working at the beginning on a gasoline hydrodesulfurization plant for Grupa LOTOS, ammonia synthesis for Grupa Azoty, and with a VF4 CNC machine for Haas Automation, Inc.

Currently, we have marked the model MR-JR-HZ in honor of three Polish scientists that broke the Enigma machine code but its name is AL – initials of Ada Lovelace. By that, we want to honor Miss Lovelace for bringing the first computer program long before computers were even invented. 


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