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Press materials

General info​

Company name: AppsBow

Legal company name: AppsBow Group Sp. z o.o.

Founded: May 24, 2012

Short note

AppsBow is an industrial-focused company. Our sectors are gas/oil, chemical, energy, manufacturing, and space. We are bringing innovative products such as vReact 3D | VR training solutions for very demanding companies, operating in hazardous environments.


  • Sebastian Zielinski – CEO | Chairman of the Board | Co-founder and shareholder
  • Magdalena Domanska – COO | Member of the Board | Co-founder and shareholder
  • Damian Pochwatka – Head of Programming Department | Shareholder
  • Jacek Jelinski – Head of Digital Twin Department | Shareholder

Products of the AppsBow company

  • vReact – 3D | VR industrial training solution for field operators
  • vReact Nest – training distribution platform
  • vReact Emergency – training in a crisis situations
  • vReact Oversee – user management & training statistics
  • vReact Digital Twins – service of recreating real objects as 3D models
  • ATS – Augmented Training & Support for daily tasks for industrial personnel

*vReact former name: VTE – Virtual Training Environment

Brand materials​

AppsBow logo

vReact logo