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Space3ac Demo Day

On 30th March 2018, we participated in DemoDay culminating our cooperation within the Space3ac accelerator in which we have been participating since December 2017.

Under the accelerating programme, we were working with Grupa Lotos (one of the most modern and biggest refineries in Eastern Europe) to build a virtual reality (VR) training solution with numerous training scenarios for a selected section of the refinery. Besides that, we provided our vReact Oversee (former name: VTE ADM) system to track down all kinds of statistics of completed training.

Thanks to vReact Oversee, Grupa Lotos can observe the learning curve of their employees, check how many mistakes they make, how many trainings they accomplished, etc. The system provides precise information about each employee (new and current) and their preparation for further work.

During Space3ac Demo Day we were able to show the results of our cooperation with Grupa Lotos on our booth. From now on the vReact system made by AppsBow will be used in Grupa Lotos.

Space3ac, the whole crew, your support in the whole process and the opportunity you guys gave us are extra-ordinary and change us for the better. Thank you for that, we will remember it forever.

We would also like to thank all companies participating in the programme for knowledge shared with us and for the amazing time spent together.

It was a pure pleasure! Thank you!

If you want to know more about Space3ac, click [here].

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