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vReact Emergency

About vReact Emergency​

vReact system enables simulating emergency situations, which are avoided at all cost in reality.

Preparation of emergency situations scenarios related to e.g. accidents at industrial plants will prepare the employee for special conditions, which are normally related to a significantly higher risk and stress level. vReact is designed to develop appropriate responses in crisis situations. The aim is to speed up the implementation of appropriate actions, thereby reducing the risk of negative consequences of an accident or preventing it completely.

Why do we need it?​

vReact is a perfect solution to prepare your crew for unexpected, dangerous, and stressful situations. Due to technological advancements, emergency events take place a lot less often. At the same time and for the same reason, they are more dangerous.

How it works?​

In vReact Emergency, we can design and simulate any kind of emergency event. Especially those which cannot be arranged in real life. To recreate emergency situations we usually work with historical scenarios that happened before. However, there is also a possibility to provide new, hypothetical events that may arise. In vReact we can include any kind of personnel that can be involved in a catastrophic scenario, like:

  • Field operators.
  • Process operators.
  • Fire brigade.
  • Paramedics.
  • Civilians.

We can also use any kind of types of equipment that are at our disposal in real-life like:

  • Firetrucks.
  • Helicopters.
  • Ambulances.
  • Heavy machinery.
  • And much more…

Thanks to vReact Emergency we can provide a new way of training and prepare your personnel for any kind of situation. The first-time rule and constant training in a life-like environment give you the best assurance that everybody is ready for the unexpected.

vReact allows cooperation with up to 128 users on a scene. Thanks to that we can recreate complete scenarios for the whole crew normally present on site. In case only one person wants to train, the rest of the necessary personnel will be replaced with AI-supported bots.

vReact in-app sample screenshots

Current projects​

Our current projects for clients include many kinds of situations like:

  • Leakage of the tank with a liquid fertilizer.
  • Leakage of a pipe/tank with highly flammable, airborne, and liquid products.
  • Explosion on industrial facilities with a probability of another explosion if the required action is not taken with search & rescue procedures which involve fire brigade and paramedics.
  • Uncontrolled pressure build-up may lead to an explosion.
  • Search & rescue for field operator with LOS signal within an elevated location in a hazardous environment.

Lower your risk​

Do you think it’s good to save money on the safety of your personnel or facility? One unplanned downtime, one accident that involves serious or fatal injuries can cost a lot more. From Murphy’s law, we know that if something can happen it will happen. Be prepared.

Fewer accidents, downtime, incident, and near misses can also positively affect risk calculation for insurance premiums, which adds to the other benefits.

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Desktop application for Windows 10 or streaming access.

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