Space3ac Acceleration

We are very proud to announce that we were qualified for the Space3ac acceleration program. Thanks to this we are now starting a cooperation with the Lotos Group (one of the biggest oil companies in Poland) to create a vReact system for them.

AppsBow together with Grupa Lotos will examine the current process of preparing employees to work on refinery and what problems our technology recipient is facing. We are focusing on all aspects of the training in such a complicated and high-risk industrial environment.

As virtual reality (VR) is slowly being adopted in other markets, still on the very demanding industrial ground this is an innovation. We know perfectly well that our client must be very careful about implementing a new solution because of many reasons like environmental, safety risk, and business aspects.

In the process of the first implementation of the vReact for Grupa Lotos, we are aiming to deliver added values by using VR training like:

  • Shortening the training time and costs.
  • Better-trained employees.
  • Less emergency events during work and increased safety.
  • Lower employee turnover.

Thanks to our team, which is very familiar with industrial facilities and engineering processes we want to we can go deep into all-important matters during our work with Grupa Lotos. We also want to minimalize time contribution on the client’s side to a necessary minimum.