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Management and Information Technology: New Challenges
Editor: Joanna Paliszkiewicz
Wojciech Drożdż (University of Szczecin), Maciej Wachowiak (Enea Operator)
“This fifteen-chapter monograph edited by Joanna Paliszkiewicz is an interesting read that focuses on light to moderate topics in the areas of management and information technology. The topics are from cryptocurrencies and their online exchanges in Poland to using the concept of blockchain in agribusiness, using virtual reality, creating knowledge and innovation in family businesses, the importance of social media in education, risk analysis, security, and forensic science, and effective communication in enterprises. The monograph continues with topics of CRM/ERP implementation in SMEs in Poland, big data/agri-food industry and innovative solutions for knowledge management, the impact of digital technologies on competencies, digitization in agriculture, and the impact of merchandising on consumer behavior. Although there is little connection in terms of reading structure from one chapter to the next, each chapter uniquely stands alone to offer insights into the topic it examines in a very simple and understandable manner.”
About AppsBow and virtual reality training:
Chapter 3.2 The latest achievements of VR technology in virtual training

3.2.1 VTE – Virtual Training Environment System by AppsBow (AppsBow, 2020).

Please note! VTE is a former name for vReact solution.


Semi-Structured Visual Design of Complex Industrial 3D Training Scenes

Authors: Dominik Strugała, Adrian Nowak, Filip Górski, Krzysztof Walczak.
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Presented on 25th International Conference on 3D Web Technology Web3D 2020 in Republic of Korea (November, 9-13 2020).

“Designing high-quality interactive 3D spaces, such as those required for professional training, is a complex, expensive, and time-consuming task. Although several approaches have been proposed to simplify the process, the result is always a trade-off between advanced capabilities and the ease of use of the content creation tool. To guarantee the high visual quality of the modeling results, no simplification of the geometry detail level is possible. In this paper, we propose a method of visual content design, which simplifies the process by eliminating some of the structural complexity through the introduction of content controllers, which based on the known semantics of content objects introduce specific editing rules and impose a specific structure of their sub-components, thus simplifying and speeding up the content creation process as well as eliminating common mistakes.”

AppsBow in references:

Appsbow. 2019. Virtual Training Environment System. Retrieved July 30, 2020.

Please note! VTE is a former name for vReact solution.



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