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vReact Nest

What is vReact Nest?

The popularity of 3D virtual world training applications is growing and so is the demand to use it on any PC without the need for specialized and expensive computers. Using the latest technology we are providing a streaming service of our 3D VR training directly to your browser or even virtual reality headset.

The big advantage of this solution is that the streaming service does not require from our clients anything more than a mid-level PC with broadband and stable internet access and a web browser. Any kind of computer, including a laptop, even a tablet or smartphone will be able to run the training. wherever and whenever the need is, worldwide.

With our streaming service, we can beam the VR training directly to the VR headsets like Oculus Quest even without a PC and any other device. This gives another opportunity for lowering costs.

Everything in a fully controlled and secure cloud environment provided by our partners:

  • Google Cloud Platform.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Amazon Web Services.

On a special request, we can provide cloud streaming on any other platform.

For clients with restrictions for using the online cloud, we also provide an internal GPU-based server for streaming 3D VR training in the company’s local network.

For special requests, vReact Nest can work as a web – desktop app solution. It allows downloading the whole app to a computer by a client and accesses it with the login information provided from a vReact Nest platform.

Not only a new sales channel​

vReact Nest is a new distribution channel for your training offered along with your equipment throughout your organization and clientele locally and all over there world. It’s fast, efficient, and lowers operational costs. Moreover, it can also provide direct access to your clients for the support and generate new sales. Also, it can give you an insight into how your training is used thanks to integration with vReact Oversee.

Use-case scenario​

Story of one of our clients.

Industrial machines manufacturers from Germany are selling high-tech products to Brazil. Each machine is sold with on-site training. In normal circumstances, the German company is sending one of the engineers to Brazil to train operators there. Usually, it’s an engineer with a high skill set. That kind of person can provide all the answers to a client.

The time that is needed to administer the training by sending the specialist from Germany to Brazil is around 8 to 14 days. Preparing for a flight, time of travel, time of training and finally going back. A valuable asset is unavailable for the company for a long period of time.

Right now let us add pandemic situations or other unexpected situations and possible two weeks quarantines in Brazil and the same in Germany after returning. In this case, we lose a valuable asset for around one and a half months.

Assume that the whole training cost 20k euro. Let add to this costs of travel, flights, and diets. The German company is spending most of that money to provide training and what it’s most important they cannot get hold of that engineer for far too long.

Right now this company is selling training still for 20k euros but now the whole process is virtual. Selling and training within a few clicks of a button. Thanks to our vReact Nest solution.

How it works?​

After designing the vReact training solution we can provide remote access to it. vReact Nest is a platform that will:

  • Automate the process of selling or otherwise administering the 3D | VR training.
  • Allow access to training to designated users/companies via:
    • Downloaded desktop app – user will be able to download an application (requires a computer with specified hardware performance).
    • The streamed application directly to a web browser on a computer or VR headset (requires not more than a low-end computer, provided it has a modern web browser).
  • Control access to training – the owner of training will be able to set all kinds of limits of vReact application usage – where, when, by whom, for what period of time.

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Desktop application for Windows 10 or streaming access.

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