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Digitize your manual & training Virtual Reality Training for Industrial Market
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Your training in virtual reality

AppsBow – VR Training – VTE is a virtual reality training system that responds to expectations related to Industry 4.0.

Thanks to VTE, we will transform your traditional employee training and instructions into fully interactive applications. Your employees will be able to perform and learn without any risk all processes, procedures, and activities necessary for everyday work. Without time and territorial limit and qualified training staff present.

The VTE system reduces the cost of training and significantly accelerates acquisition of knowledge by trainees.

Our clients


Fields of action

Our company is focused on the industrial market. We are helping our clients to achieve goals in the learning and production process. We have knowledge and experience but we never forget to learn, each client gives us a new look at our tasks and projects.
Gas Oil Industry
Oil & Gas
Chemical Industry
Energy Industry
Construction & Architecture
Construction & Architecture
Single Devices & Machines
Single Machines

Laser scanning of industrial facilities and machines


  Not long ago we were testing something great. Thanks to Faro Technologies we were able to see in action the Faro Focus S350 -(...)

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Conference "Chemistry 4.0 - technique in the industry"


On November 20-21 2019, together with PROZAP Sp. z o.o. we were participants of the conference "Chemistry 4.0 - technique in the industry"- organized by(...)

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VTE Demo Release 1.0


We have great news. We prepared a demo of our Virtual Training Environment system (VTE). Our demo contains two procedures for pumps: Check pump manometer(...)

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Welcome on board


We would like to share that we have a new board member. For several months, we have been preparing to join forces with Pawel Lubecki,(...)

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